Who Got NeXT: Sami Zayn is Back and Ready for Kevin Owens


This week’s edition of Who Got NeXT is in audio form. Enjoy!

Who Got NeXT: Breeze and Itami Steal The Show


Before I start this week’s edition of Who Got NeXT, I’d like to send congratulations to the Lucha Dragons and Adrian Neville for being called up to the main roster. The WWE Universe already knew who they were and chanted for them on Raw. That not only shows how much impact NXT is truly making on everyone already, but also how beneficial the network has been to the product.

What’s up NXT Universe! Welcome to yet another installment of Who Got NeXT, and what better way to start out the month of April than with some developmental wrestling?

Wednesday’s show kicked off with a bang, as Sami Zayn made his return to Full Sail University for the first time since losing to Kevin Owens at Takeover a month and a half ago. He cut a promo about how he formed a plan while he was away.

Zayn’s plan included two things: invoking his rematch clause to regain the NXT Championship and kicking Kevin Owens’ @$$.

But there’s another superstar gunning for the NXT Champion, and you might be surprised to find out that it is none other than Rhyno.

You read that correctly. The ECW original man-beast master of the gore wants a shot at Kevin Owens, and he cut a promo about it after squashing a no-namer.

Later in the show, he interrupted Devin Taylor’s interview with Zayn, and the two stared each other down. Rhyno said that the line for a shot at the NXT title starts behind him, something Zayn didn’t seem to care too much for. One has to think that Finn Bálor isn’t through with Owens yet. Heck, even Solomon Crowe said that his mission was to get the title in a commercial vignette. The main event picture is crowded to say the least.

Despite having a target on his back, Kevin Owens seems pretty confident that nobody is taking his title from him or his family. For the record, I’m inclined to believe him.

We then were treated to a match between Bayley and Emma, who has shown signs of a heel turn as of late. The once bubble-obsessed diva has been trying to tell Bayley that playing to the crowd will get her nowhere because it’s done nothing for her.

The match was decent, but the most intriguing part was how weird Emma acted. She still came out dancing as usual, but she was just going through the motions. Bayley beat her with a roll up in the end and Emma appeared like she was angry, but she didn’t do anything. They’re going the slow burn route with her, and I think it’s a good change in direction for her.

Speaking of a change in direction for the women’s division, Becky Lynch delivered a beautiful promo in an interview backstage about the NXT Women’s Championship. She talked about how everyone else has had a shot at the title one-on-one and she hasn’t had one yet. It appears her ties with Sasha Banks are firmly broken.

Lynch is right, she does deserve a championship match. I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Next up was a tag team match between the Lucha Dragons and the NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy. Overall it was a decent match with some okay spots, but it was nothing spectacular. In my opinion, this was simply a farewell to the luchador tag team as they venture off to the main roster for good.

After the commercial break, former tag team partners Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan squared off against each other for the first time since splitting about a month ago. Jordan came out to new theme music (quite generic actually) sporting an impressive new physique on his way to the ring. He came out and basically dominated Dillinger off the bat, and finished him with an unorthodox-looking suplex for the three count.

Knowing these two wrestlers’ true in-ring ability, this match was solid; but it left a lot to be desired. This feud is just getting started, and it could be one of the more entertaining lower card storylines in the coming weeks.

Main Event:

Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami have been going at it ever since NXT Takeover:Rival, and the feud seemingly came to an end on Wednesday night. Say what you want about the characters, like or dislike them, but these two have an amazing chemistry in the ring together; and it only keeps getting better the more they work together.

The first fall came fairly quickly with Hideo Itami getting to a fast start against Prince Pretty. He got Breeze in to the turnbuckle, did his signature corner dropkick and set him up for the one-footed running kick.

The second fall came even quicker. With Breeze recovering in the corner, Itami let his guard down. As the referee checked on him, Itami looked the other way and got knocked out by a beauty shot out of nowhere that tied the match at one fall apiece.

From then on it was a masterful match that is too difficult to describe because of the amount of counters and false finishes. The finish even had me surprised, as Itami went to set up for his running kick finisher but was countered by Breeze into a running beauty shot that finished Itami for the 1-2-3.

Tyler Breeze is climbing back up the ladder to get to the main event slowly but surely, and Itami can’t be too far behind him.

Who Got NeXT: Developmental Hits Columbus


What’s up NXT faithful! Welcome to another edition of Who Got NeXT.

If you didn’t already know, for the first time outside of Full Sail University, the NXT roster and some main roster talents were in Columbus a couple of weeks ago at the annual Arnold Classic. There were autographs signed, shows performed and all kinds of fun things happened.

But here, I talk about the show itself so lets get to it!

Wednesday’s show kicked off with a bang as Tyler Breeze and Kalisto battled in a singles match. Overall, this would be the best match of the show in my opinion. The luchador formerly known as Samuray Del Sol can hold his own in the ring by himself, and I would like to see him in singles action more away from Sin Cara. My highlight of the match was when he hit Tyler Breeze with a beautiful 450 splash that almost put Prince Pretty away. The bout went back and forth, but in the end Breeze hit his beauty shot to pin Kalisto for the three count.

After showing a clip from the convention, the NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy came out to the ring. But the real fun was when Enzo Amore’s music hit. The crowd popped the loudest that it did until that point (yeah, they’re REALLY over). Heck, every crowd knows the promo word-for-word and chants along with them, something I haven’t seen since the New Age Outlaws for god’s sake!

Anyways, Amore and Big Cass came out on the stage and did their usual awesome promo schtick, except they personalized it a bit for the champs. Enzo went to the mic and cut a hilarious bit.

“And as for ah, the Australian kid (Buddy Murphy). Why don’t you didgeridoo yourself a favor while you still have that NXT Tag title? Kick rocks in flip flops, break a toe and skidaddle sweet boy!”

Pure awesomeness that is Enzo Amore. But as for the match, it was a decent one that ended with a rollup by Buddy Murphy grabbing the tights and beating Colin Cassady after he was distracted by Carmella being accidentally hurt on the outside of the ring.

We then get to the women’s bout between Alexa Bliss and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, and unsurprisingly it was awesome. Alexa Bliss, a Columbus native and former cheerleader at the University of Akron, has a unique set of tools in her arsenal. She’s small, but she’s quick and agile which works to her advantage. Bliss is great in the way that she goes from a happy-go-lucky tinkerbell with glitter in her entrance to a fiery aggressor in the ring.

Banks and Bliss started off with “The Boss” dominating, but things eventually turned when Bliss hit a flipping knee on Banks and the two made their way to the outside. Bliss would eventually shove Banks into the turnbuckle pole and make it into the ring before the 10-count to defeat the women’s champ. This earned her a rematch and an NXT Women’s title shot next week.

Then we finally get to the moment Alex Riley was waiting for: his match with NXT Champion and resident bad man Kevin Owens. The match began with Owens absolutely decimating the former commentator. He picked him apart like he said he would, using brutal punches, senton splashes and a sleeper hold as the crowd chanted “Kill Owens Kill!” Riley looked like mincemeat to start, but eventually the man with “RAGE” gained a little momentum when he knocked Owens square in the face with a forearm and a huge spinebuster.

But this only enraged the champion, and he took it personally. After a few more beatings, Owens put Riley away with a pop-up powerbomb. When the match was over, Owens was set on making Riley his next victim and started attacking him on the outside. Once he set Riley up for another powerbomb on the apron, Finn Bálor’s music hit, and he jumped from the stage and started attacking the champion. The brawl would move to the ring where Bálor would set up for the Coup de Grace, but Owens escaped and the two stared each other down separated by the ring and the stage.

Next week’s WrestleMania edition of NXT should be epic. With all three championships on the line, it is sure to deliver a masterful show as WWE approaches closer and closer to the “Grandaddy of Them All.”

Who Got NeXT: You Can Bank on NXT’s Women’s Champion

Thursday night, history was made for the NXT brand.

For the first time since its creation, NXT traveled outside of its Full Sail University comfort zone and came to Ohio, of all places, to put on the show’s first live event in Columbus. Despite some talent misspelling the city’s name on Twitter (I’m sure C-Bus native Alexa Bliss gave them a hard time), the show was a great success.

Friday night, the brand will head to Cleveland for another show that’s sure to deliver (it sold out in mere minutes once announced a couple of months ago).

But before this happened, NXT had its regular show at Full Sail.

The main event was another classic between rivals Charlotte and Sasha Banks (c) for the NXT Women’s Championship. The two have an untouchable chemistry with each other and the audience knows it, chanting “this is wrestling” numerous times. They have counters upon counters for each other’s counters and both display amazing fluidity in the ring. Also, Banks is an absolute submission savant.

The highlight of the match, for me, was when Banks was dazed near the left corner turnbuckle and Charlotte hit an absolutely devastating spear that would’ve made Edge proud. Smarks in the crowd began shouting “Better than Reigns! Better than Reigns!” and many people may believe that (catchphrase pun not intended).

The match finish was interesting, as Charlotte went for her finishing move Natural Selection off of the turnbuckle (see NXT Takeover: REvolution), but missed. Banks took advantage and pinned her with some leverage from the ropes as a great heel should, and she retained her title.

Let it be known that in a backstage interview, the returning Alexa Bliss said that she had her eye on this match. Potentially a fresh look at the divas women’s title picture?

Oh, and another intriguing note: happy-go-lucky Emma wasn’t herself backstage when talking to Bayley in the locker room. When Bayley asked Emma to show her bubbles, she said no and that her behavior was just like Bayley’s when she was on NXT before and got her nowhere on the main roster. The segment ended with Emma saying, “it’s something to think about.” Could this be a potential turn for both of them?

Now that we’ve taken care of the girls, let’s move on to what else happened on the show.

– Tyler Breeze basically squashed Adam Rose to open up the show. Besides the Beauty Shot out of nowhere for the 1-2-3, it was an “eh, whatever” match. Adam Rose needs to get back to being Leo Kruger.

– Before Blake & Murphy beat Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton in a non-title tag team bout, Enzo and Big Cass cut a quick, hilarious gem of a promo on the two. Enzo referred to Wesley Blake as “Sweet Boy Frosted Flake Wesley Blake” and Cass referred to Buddy Murphy as “that Australian dude.” This duo is pure gold and I look forward to this feud between the two escalating in the upcoming weeks.

– Baron Corbin flattened this poor guy Tony Briggs. End of Days….END of Days….END OF DAYS!!!!! (During the “match”, Kevin Owens confronted Alex Riley. We’ll get to that last.)

– Solomon Crowe made his in-ring debut and squashed Bull Dempsey (sigh, he’s being killed each week). I’ve heard a lot of good things about Crowe, but so far this character’s fell short of my expectations thus far. I was expecting a darker, creepier hacker guy, but instead I see more of a nerdy, punk rockish dude. He has a creative finisher, but it doesn’t look like it’d hurt at all. I’m going to give it a chance for a while, but right now I’m not feeling it.

– A recording of Sami Zayn played before the main event. The former NXT Champion talked about how Wednesday marked his 13th year in professional wrestling, and how he wasn’t mentally ready to get back in the ring just yet. He took the video on his phone late at night in his hometown streets of Montreal. He said that once he’s ready, he’s gunning for Owens. Zayn is one of those guys that you can feel the reality and passion every time he speaks, a Mick Foley-esque type. The emotions are 100 percent real, something that lacks in today’s WWE and is thus quite refreshing to see.

– On to the solid sub-storyline going on here. As I said a few points ago, Kevin Owens ventured to the announcer’s table just as the Corbin match was coming to an end. Jason Albert told Alex Riley to ignore it, and he tried his hardest.

Standing there as a nuisance for two to three minutes, Owens took a sip of Alex Riley’s water and seconds after, poured the rest over Riley’s head. The two got into each other’s faces and pleasantries were exchanged (Riley looked HEATED!), leading to Riley barging into general manager William Regal’s office.

He demanded to face Kevin Owens, but Regal gave him an ultimatum: commentate or wrestle. Riley chose the latter and Regal told him that he could get Owens when he thought Riley was ready. NXT’s resident jobber C.J. Parker was also in Regal’s office and laughed at the idea of Riley returning to the ring after nearly two years away from it. Riley stormed off by saying that he’d get to Owens, but next week he’s starting with Parker.

Who Got NeXT: Bálor and Owens are on a Crash Course


What’s up NXT fans! This week’s episode saw the show’s main storyline further more and had a couple of new feuds develop as well.

Kevin Owens and number-one contender Finn Bálor are on a crash course that’s going to pit the two against each other for the NXT Championship likely at the next pay-per-view. The feud continued Wednesday when Owens was set as a guest commentator during Bálor’s main event match versus another returning superstar: The Brian Kendrick (for those who need a refresher- Kendrick was in a tag team early in his career with Paul London and he’s also worked under the name “Spanky”).

In what was a decent match back-and-forth, Finn picked up the victory after a Coup de Grace off the top rope. But the underlying story going on was a disagreement between Owens and NXT commentator and former superstar Alex Riley. It all started when Riley asked him about how he could treat Sami Zayn so harshly in the ring and went further from there. After being insulted, Owens left the table to go to the back. After the match was over, he came back out and stared at Riley. Bálor saw this and was trying to coax Owens to come into the ring, but he wouldn’t budge. Soon after, Owens grabbed Riley by his neck and launched him over the announce table. Riley’s announcing partners Tom Phillips and Corey Graves came to his aid and begged Owens to stop the assault, which he did (surprisingly).

Could this possibly be the RETURN of Alex Riley in the ring? I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and it could be in the works.

It seems Owens did this as to intimidate Bálor, but Finn did not look scared even after the attack. This rivalry is just beginning, and man is it going to get interesting. Why do I say this? Because Sami Zayn is returning next week to address the NXT Universe, and one has to think that he’s going to get involved in some manner.


Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze: After what was basically a squash match versus Bull Dempsey (which didn’t please me at all..STOP KILLING THE LAST OF A DYING BREED), Itami backpedaled on the ramp in celebration of his victory. Out of nowhere, Tyler Breeze attacked him from behind with his well-fashioned selfie stick (it looks like this will be a new weapon, interesting creative direction in my opinion), leaving Itami injured on the ramp. “Prince Pretty” later said in an interview that Itami shouldn’t have gotten the best of him in the first place and he’d get his revenge.

I’m glad that they’ve paired these two together. After Breeze was eliminated from the NXT Title picture, he needed a true direction and he’s got a heck of an opponent in Itami, who’s also been searching for a storyline after a split with Finn Bálor.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger: These two have been partners forever in NXT, but they’ve never been a believable threat in the tag team division. They had a match with the Lucha Dragons where Dillinger seemingly stayed in the ring longer and exchanged words with Jordan, who wanted to be tagged in. After the banter, Dillinger was finally going to make a tag, but Jordan hopped off of the apron and left him. Kalisto hit Dillinger with a Solida del Sol and Sin Cara followed with a Swanton off of the top rope, thus losing the match.

Dillinger then aired his grievances with about a minute of a promo calling anyone from the NXT locker room out, then Baron Corbin happened. You know how that one ended. END OF DAYS PEOPLE, END OF DAYS.

Anyways, the fact that they’ve split these guys will now allow their characters to develop in a way that wasn’t possible if they stayed together, especially in a crowded tag team picture. Jason Jordan put on a TON of muscle since the last time he was on the show, and Dillinger has been praised by many on the main roster. I give this a thumbs up.


Solomon Crowe hacked the show again, but it was during the entrances of the tag team match. He said that he’s not going to stop what he’s doing until he’s NXT Champion.

More awesome ladies wrestling: Bayley and Becky Lynch had a great match together. That’s about all that can be said. Becky’s armbar submission thing (techinal terms, I know) at the end was NICE.

Speaking of women’s wrestling- Sasha Banks versus Charlotte rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship next week. You’re going to want to tune in for that one. It might main event actually.

Rhyno cut a promo (it sounded like it was from the 90s with his grunting, kind of funny but into character) about why he came back. He said that he saw how fresh and hungry the developmental talent was and he looked at himself in the mirror and saw the same hunger in himself.

With Rhyno and Brian Kendrick back, is anyone else going to return???

Tune in next week to find out!!

(I really don’t know….I promise. Also, DEATH TO SPOILERS!)

Who Got NeXT: Kevin Owens is the Top Dog in the Yard


Coming in hot off of one of the best pay-per-views of the year, NXT Takeover: Rival, this week’s show developed a couple of intriguing new storylines to pay attention to in the upcoming weeks.

– First, we focus on NXT’s top dog in the yard, Kevin Owens.

If you didn’t get a chance to see last week’s pay-per-view (which I recapped here), Owens massacred Sami Zayn until he couldn’t physically continue the match to win the NXT Championship two months to the day after he debuted. It was a shock to everyone and Owens immediately made his mark on the brand.

Owens came out basically talking himself up at first and then talked about how Zayn is in the past. He said that he is moving on to the number one contender for the NXT championship, Finn Bálor. Owens continued by letting his challenger know that he will be ready for him anywhere, any time, any place. The brand new champion went on to say that what happened to Zayn at Takeover will happen to Bálor when they face-off.

But first, Owens had a familiar face to take on in the show’s main event: Adrian Neville. Just under two months ago, Owens put Neville on a stretcher after a double count-out in the main event after powerbombing him on the apron (reminiscent of what he did to Zayn at NXT Takeover: Arrival two PPVs ago).

WWE, Inc.

WWE, Inc.

The match was a fantastic main event. The quick, high-flying style of Adrian Neville meshed with the brutal, powerhouse-like moves of Owens. The most notable moments of the match were a 450 splash from Neville onto Owens on the floor outside of the ring and Neville literally DEADLIFTING Owens (who is nearly 270 pounds) into a bridging German suplex for a near three count. The match ended with Neville being thrust into the air and powerbombed by Owens for the three count after landing on his feet on a shooting star press attempt. Owens has made his presence felt and is clearly the top dog in NXT as it stands.

– Mark-out moment alert: Out of nowhere, the man-beast Rhyno, yes THAT Rhyno made his return to the WWE in a squash match against some guy named Elias. And yes, Elias got GORED. The part of Rhyno’s comeback that made me ponder, however, is what transpired after.

As Finn Bálor was cutting one of his best promos on his number one contendership and the obstacle that lies ahead of him in Kevin Owens, he stopped near the end because Rhyno walked right by him and sort of stared at him. The man-beast then gave him a little smirk then walked away. This has to make you think that these two are going to have a program soon, and it could be a filler feud before Bálor’s NXT Title opportunity.

– The tag team picture is pointing to a feud between the NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy and one of my favorite teams in the NXT, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady. The New York/New Jersey duo are the most entertaining combination in NXT when it comes to mic skills and cutting promos on the spot. Not to mention they are incredibly over with the NXT crowd. If you look up Enzo Amore promos on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed.

Anyways, the two haven’t had a true direction in quite some time due to the time they’ve spent developing their manager Carmella as a diva. A win over the Vaudevillains vaulted them into contention for the tag team championship. Blake & Murphy even cut a little promo after the match that mocked Amore & Big Cass, turning them heel in a quick fashion.

– They may as well rename C.J. Parker to the guy that puts the new debuting guy over because that’s literally all he does. Solomon Crowe made his debut after weeks of “hackings” and vignettes by beating up Parker, NXT’s resident hippie and most annoying character on the show. Crowe did a couple of cool moves and cut a quick face-like promo after he made his mark.

– The brand new NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks took care of business versus Blue Pants (yes, there is a character named Blue Pants, and she is over. You can thank Colin Cassady for that one).

WWE, Inc.

WWE, Inc.

– And finally, Sami Zayn’s condition was updated by Dr. Chris Amann (the guy suing CM Punk and Colt Cabana for $1 million). He said that Zayn underwent tests and even an EKG to get cleared to travel with WWE in their most recent trip to Abu Dhabi. But the most encouraging news was that he said Zayn was cleared for in-ring competition and will be back in NXT in no time.

So there you have it, another solid episode of NXT with new storylines being created and developed, and fans (including myself) can’t wait to see where it goes.

Who Got NeXT: Reviewing NXT’s Latest Takeover

nxt takeover

This column is courtesy of our friend and wrasslin’ aficionado Spencer Davies.

For those wrestling fans that haven’t tuned in to NXT, start now. NXT features the best in-ring talent in the company, as well as compelling storytelling that blows Raw and SmackDown creative out of the water.

Wednesday night’s PPV was yet another show that set the bar not only for developmental talent, but the entire roster. So let’s take a look at the show.

Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze
If you aren’t into wrestling outside of the WWE, you probably don’t know who Hideo Itami is. Itami, known as Kenta in New Japan Pro Wrestling, signed on with the company last summer. He is known for his quick feet and nasty kicks, and that showed at Takeover.

Tyler Breeze, the resident narcissistic model at NXT, is much tougher than many think. He has a mean streak in him that many don’t expect.


WWE, Inc.

As far as the match goes, it was counter after counter and kick after kick. Itami and Breeze had excellent chemistry together in the ring and worked a fantastic match to warm up the crowd.

WINNER: Hideo Itami

Solomon Crowe Vignette
Another new addition to the NXT roster, Crowe brings a sense of mystery. His “hackings” of the show are reminiscent of Chris Jericho. Crowe’s in-ring abilities are very impressive, as I’ve seen when he was on the independent scene working as Sami Callihan. Look for Crowe to make his presence felt immediately when he debuts next Wednesday.

Bull Dempsey vs. Baron Corbin (NO DQ)
Bull Dempsey is one of the few “old-school” wrestlers on the NXT Roster. “The Last of a Dying Breed” began his wrestling career in Brooklyn and was trained by former WWE wrestler Tazz. He has a Rhyno-like gimmick and grungy music like him too.

A former NFL offensive lineman, “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin SCREAMS typical Vince McMahon big guy. He, like Dempsey, is an intimidator. Standing 6-9 and weighing 280 pounds, Corbin destroys his opponents in under a minute with his devastating “End of Days” finisher.

This match I was disappointed with. After losing twice to Corbin, Dempsey vowed to get his revenge and had the opportunity to. The match started out sloppy, with a botched clothesline that lost the crowd. After wearing him down, Dempsey took a chair to Corbin only to run into a poorly executed End of Days finisher to give Corbin the victory. The crowd booed the ending, so you know it didn’t deliver.

WINNER: Baron Corbin

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Dragons vs. Blake & Murphy (C)
The Lucha Dragons consist of Sin Cara and Kalisto. Most know about Sin Cara from his time in WWE, so I’m not going to talk about him. But I will talk about Kalisto. Known as Samuray del Sol in Dragon Gate USA, Kalisto brings an exciting lucha libre energy to the ring. His moves remind me of a young Rey Mysterio but more fluid.


WWE, Inc.


Blake & Murphy are the newest tag team to burst onto the NXT scene. The two are incredibly in-sync with each other and have brought a fresh breath to the NXT tag team division. Officials must have seen this because they shockingly upset the Lucha Dragon two weeks ago to win the tag team titles after jobbing for the majority of their careers.

Though it started with a few botches from Sin Cara (surprise), this match picked back up quickly. Kalisto hit an insane head scissors driver on one of the two that I thought put it away for sure. But after a backdrop/neckbreaker double team that saw Sin Cara drop 8 feet from the air, Blake & Murphy regained the momentum and eventually retained their titles.

WINNER: Blake & Murphy

No. 1 Contender’s Match for the NXT Championship: Adrian Neville vs. Finn Bálor
Adrian Neville is the best high flyer in NXT and possibly the WWE. The spring in his step and springboarding abilities make you double take and think “how the hell did he do that?!” With his Reverse 450 Splash and patented Red Arrow, Neville is a highly touted prospect for the main roster.

What more can you say about Finn Bálor? Known as Prince Devitt on the independent circuit and NJPW, Bálor came right along with Hideo Itami to the company. His kicks and Double Footstomp off of the turnbuckle are incredible. But what he is notorious for is his EPIC entrance and facepaint. It not only is an amazing display of presentation, but it also serves as an intimidator to his opponent.

WWE, Inc.

WWE, Inc.

Match of the night? No. MATCH OF THE EFFING YEAR!! I don’t think I can even break this down because from when the bell rang to the final three count it was a fast-paced, action-packed masterpiece. ALL OF THE AMAZING FALSE FINISHES. I can’t even talk about it. I’m going to watch it again. You should too. Now.

WINNER: Finn Bálor
MATCH RATING: 1000000000000/5 (But seriously, it was THAT good)

NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (C)

Triple H and NXT have redefined women’s wrestling, and they’ve done a damn good job doing it. Bayley is the bubblegum, always happy girl. But don’t mistake that for being a pushover, as she’s shown an aggressive side of her that we haven’t seen yet.

Working under the name Rebecca Knox in Ireland with Prince Devitt, Becky Lynch is a girl with spunk. Her red hair reminds me of Lita, and so does her work in the ring.

The Nature Boy Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte has been the most dominant and impressive diva in NXT. She’s held the title for over 280 days and certainly deserves it, despite some saying it’s been handed to her.

Right behind or equal to her is Sasha Banks. “The Boss” has everything and more: good looks, charisma and amazing talent in the ring.

After failing on all previous championship attempts, Banks got the job done with a crossface into a rollover pin on Charlotte to win her first NXT Women’s Championship.

WINNER: Sasha Banks

WWE, Inc.

WWE, Inc.

NXT Championship: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn (C)
After years and years in Ring of Honor as Kevin Steen, Kevin Owens finally made it to the WWE. His brutal style and agility for a big man is insane. He’s known for his bone-crushing powerbombs and Senton Bombs off of the top rope. I’ll personally guarantee that this man will be at the top of the company in the future.

Sami Zayn, otherwise known as El Generico in Ring of Honor, is the total package. He is your classic underdog that never stops fighting. Like John Cena, but with actual wrestling moves and stuff. Zayn shows amazing resilience and toughness for his size. His promos have a Mick Foley-esque realistic feel to them, so you’re always wanting to root for him. Similar to Neville but not exactly, Zayn’s springboarding abilities are jaw-dropping. His signatre set of moves include the Blue Thunder Bomb and the Helluva Kick, which is a big boot across his opponent’s face while he’s stranded in the corner of the ring.

This match was eerily reminiscent to Brock Lesnar versus John Cena at last year’s SummerSlam. Though it started with a crazy flip by Zayn over the ropes AND the referee onto Owens outside of the ring, Owens methodically picked Zayn apart. He literally powerbombed Zayn five or six times and forced the referee to stop the match, awarding Owens his first NXT championship just two months after his debut. After nearly a year-long journey for Sami Zayn to win the brand’s most prestigious title, it was all taken away thanks to a straight up beatdown by Owens. Something tells me that this isn’t over. And with Finn Bálor waiting for his shot, the NXT title picture is going to be very interesting, and very entertaining.

WWE, Inc.

WWE, Inc.