FanDueling Week 13: Insurrection

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Before we move on to the Week 13 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 12:

fanduel13 2

Week 12 was an improvement, but that’s not saying much considering Week 11 was the worst week I’ve ever had. Fortunately, I finished in the money because the field was pretty average overall. I scored 114.28 and the last winning position was 109.20.

Most of my guys were average and Odell Beckham bailed out the ones who failed to meet expectations. I wouldn’t have wagered on DeAndre Hopkins putting up the second lowest score on my team. Thank goodness Odell Beckham is a cyborg.

On to Week 13! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Matt Hasselbeck (IND@PIT) – $6,500

This has the makings of a high-scoring game. I think Hasselbeck will have to throw a lot to keep up with Pittsburgh’s offense. He should do enough to be worthwhile.

Also considered: Ben Roethlisberger ($8,100), Brian Hoyer ($7,100)

RB – DeAngelo Williams (IND@PIT) – $7,200

Williams is more of a receiver than a runner, but that suits me fine with FanDuel’s 0.5 points per reception. Again, this one should be high-scoring. I’m still not through with this game.

RB – David Johnson (ARI@STL) – $5,900

He’s cheap and has the starting role to himself thanks to injuries. He’s a no-brainer play who will probably be very highly owned.

Also considered – Thomas Rawls ($7,000), Buck Allen ($6,800), T.J. Yeldon ($6,100)

WR – Antonio Brown (IND@PIT) – $9,000

My final player from the Colts-Steelers game. I don’t think Brown will get shut down two weeks in a row.

WR – Alshon Jeffery (SF@CHI) – $7,700

Jeffery is still cheap because people are scared of his injuries. He’s facing the 49ers defense, which has been brutal on the road. I’m scared he’ll pull his hamstring on the opening drive, but there’s a very good chance he’ll go off.

WR – Jarvis Landry (BAL@MIA) – $7,400

The Ravens have been a gold mine for opposing wide receivers. Landry gets the half-point PPR boost as well.

Also considered: Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,400) Julio Jones ($9,200), Antonio Brandon Marshall ($8,100), Eric Decker ($7,200), Amari Cooper ($7,000), Martavis Bryant ($6,900), Danny Amendola ($6,700)

TE – Greg Olsen (CAR@NO) – $6,600

I like Olsen as Cam Newton’s top target against the Saints’ usually terrible defense. Now that Gronk and Graham are hurt, Olsen is the king of tight ends.

Also considered: Scott Chandler ($5,300)

K – Stephen Gostkowski (PHI@NE) – $5,100

I had extra money when I filled the rest of my team, so Gostkowski it is.

Also considered: None

D – Chicago Bears (SF@CHI) – $4,400

The Bears don’t have the best fantasy defense, but they’re facing the 49ers at home. Good enough for me.

Also considered: Cincinnati Bengals ($5,100)


TOTAL – $59,800

FanDueling Week 12: The Wrath of FanDuel

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Before we move on to the Week 12 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 11:

fanduel12 2

Wow. Let’s just move on.

On to Week 12! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Josh McCown (BAL@CLE) – $6,300

Everyone but Case Keenum has had success against Baltimore’s pass defense this year. McCown should do well at home under the lights.

Also considered: Russell Wilson ($7,600), Brian Hoyer ($7,100)

RB – Thomas Rawls (PIT@SEA) – $6,300

I don’t expect Rawls to repeat last week’s performance, but I’ll bet on him doing something somewhat close at this price.

RB – Spencer Ware (BUF@KC) – $6,100

Ware is getting the start, so this is quite a discount. Hopefully he can repeat last week’s performance.

Also considered – T.J. Yeldon ($6,500), Buck Allen ($6,100)

WR – DeAndre Hopkins (NO@HOU) – $9,400

As bad as the Saints have been, the sky is the limit for Hopkins.

WR – Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG@WAS) – $9,100

Beckham gets the slight nod over Julio and Antonio Brown due to a better matchup.

WR – Larry Fitzgerald (ARI@SF) – $7,400

I’m surprised Fitzgerald’s price is so low. The 49ers are better at home, but Fitz has been great more often than not this year.

Also considered: Julio Jones ($9,300), Antonio Brown ($9,000), Eric Decker ($7,100), Travis Benjamin ($5,900)

TE – Delanie Walker (OAK@TEN) – $6,100

Most tight ends feast on the Raiders. Walker is a good bet to do so as well.

Also considered: Gary Barnidge ($6,500)

K – Chandler Catanzaro (ARI@SF) – $4,700

I didn’t see a good kicker matchup this week. I’ll just take the kicker for a good offense going against a bad defense.

Also considered: None

D – Kansas City Chiefs (BUF@KC) – $4,500

The Chiefs are one of the hottest defenses in the league and are at home. I like their chances.

Also considered: Jacksonville Jaguars ($4,300)


TOTAL – $59,900

FanDueling Week 11: The Motion Picture

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Before we move on to the Week 11 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 10:


My winning streak continues! Huzzah! I scored 111.76 points, which was good enough for 15,819th place out of 56,818. The last winning position was 104.98, so there was a bit of drama in this one. Thankfully, no one scored any points on Monday night.

I’m surprised I made the cut the way things were going. DeAngelo did next to nothing against the worst run defense in the league, as the “injured” Ben Roethlisberger continually aired it out. The Broncos have taken quite a fall as well. Even though they’re facing Jay Cutler, I couldn’t allow them to let me down a third consecutive week.

Thankfully, Kirk Cousins dominated the woeful Saints. Gronk did a bit of Gronking, and Chris Givens rewarded my faith with a touchdown. Mark Ingram saved his day with his 70 yard run early in the game, but I was expecting more considering how he began.

On to Week 11! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Derek Carr (OAK@DET) – $7,700

I had my entire team picked except for quarterback and my first wide receiver. I couldn’t decide between the combination of Carr and Michael Crabtree and the combination of T.J. Yates and Julio Jones. I decided the Carr-Crabtree duo was a bit safer. The Lions typically get shredded by opposing quarterbacks.

Also considered: T.J. Yates ($5,100)

RB – Adrian Peterson (GB@MIN) – $8,900

The Packers aren’t a great matchup for running backs, but I have a feeling the Vikings will give Peterson the ball a whole, whole bunch today. Plus, I consider the choices at running back to be pretty poor overall this week, so I’ll hope Peterson’s talent wins out.

RB – Danny Woodhead (KC@SD) – $6,400

Woodhead is pretty cheap and he has a high floor. I’ve got no problem with using him in FanDuel’s half-point per reception format.

Also considered – Charcandrick West ($7,100) Darren McFadden ($6,800)

WR – Michael Crabtree (OAK@DET) – $6,500

Let’s hope Carr targets Crabtree often so I don’t regret shunning the Yates-Jones combo.

WR – Danny Amendola (BUF@NE) – $6,100

Word on the street is Amendola will be Julian Edelman Lite. You never really know with the Patriots, but the salary is low enough for me to take a chance on him.

WR – Steve Johnson (KC@SD) – $5,600

The Chargers don’t have too many more guys to throw to. He could be a dud, but the opportunity should be there.

Also considered: Julio Jones ($9,100), Amari Cooper ($7,200), Sammy Watkins ($6,600), Chris Givens ($4,500)

TE – Rob Gronkowski (BUF@NE) – $8,400

The Bills say they have a way to stop Gronk. That pretty much guarantees three touchdowns.

Also considered: Antonio Gates ($5,900), Jimmy Graham ($5,800), Eric Ebron ($5,400), Coby Fleener ($5,000)

K – Steven Hauschka (SF@SEA) – $5,000

The Seahawks (inexcusably) can’t score in the red zone, so Hauschka should get some work.

Also considered: None

D – Seattle Seahawks (SF@SEA) – $5,400

Blaine Gabbert is starting and Carlos Hyde is out. The Seahawks had success getting pressure on Carson Palmer last week, so I like their chances against Gabbert.

Also considered: New York Jets ($4,700), Chicago Bears ($4,200)


TOTAL – $60,000

FanDueling Week 10: The Undiscovered Country

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Before we move on to the Week 10 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 9:

fanduel 10

I’ve got another winning streak going, which was pretty much set after the early games. Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams were two of the top scorers of the week, and Mediocre Crabtree was a nice surprise. Tom Brady was a bit of a disappointment, but that didn’t end up mattering. I scored 164.56, and the last winning position was 142.62. I placed 7,996th out of 52,272.

On to Week 10! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Kirk Cousins (NO@WAS) – $6,500

I’m not a huge Cousins fan, but I’ll happily play such a small price for the quarterback facing the Saints at home.

Also considered: None

RB – DeAngelo Williams (CLE@PIT) – $7,600

DeAngelo was a monster last week, and now he gets Cleveland’s awful run defense. He may get even more looks with Roethlisberger out.

RB – Mark Ingram (NO@WAS) – $7,500

Washington’s run defense started strong, but has been awful lately. Ingram should get plenty of opportunities to make an impact.

Also considered – Todd Gurley ($9,200) Darren McFadden ($7,000), James Starks ($6,000)

WR – Dez Bryant (DAL@TB) – $8,100

I don’t love this call, but Dez was the best player I could get at this price. Hopefully, his natural talent will win out.

WR – Allen Robinson (JAX@BAL) – $7,500

Baltimore’s pass defense has been getting torched. Robinson is a great value here.

WR – Chris Givens (JAX@BAL) – $4,500

Jacksonville’s defense isn’t so great either. I don’t trust Flacco, but Givens is super cheap and could catch a deep pass or two.

Also considered: Mike Evans ($7,700), Jarvis Landry ($7,000), Michael Crabtree ($6,400)

TE – Rob Gronkowski (NE@NYG) – $8,000

Gronk’s price fell quite a bit after last week, and I think he’ll get used more this week. His best games have come against New England’s best competition.

Also considered: Jordan Reed ($5,800)

K – Stephen Gostkowski (NE@NYG) – $5,100

When no one else stands out, just go with Gostkowski.

Also considered: None

D – Denver Broncos (KC@DEN) – $5,200

Denver disappointed last week, but now they’ve got the weak Kansas City offense at home. They should have a better showing this week.

Also considered: Green Bay Packers ($4,900), Carolina Panthers ($4,700)


TOTAL – $60,000


FanDueling Week 9: Into Darkness

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Before we move on to the Week 8 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 8:


It was another winning week, despite duds from Justin Forsett, Martavis Bryant, and Ladarius Green. Michael Floyd was a huge value, while Philip Rivers, Todd Gurley and Julio Jones dominated as much as I had hoped. I scored 127.24, and the last winning position was 120.54.

I considered using Le’Veon Bell last week, and thank goodness I didn’t. Jamaal Charles suffered his season-ending injury the week I started him in FanDuel, and if the same thing happened to Bell I might have start thinking my team was cursed. Then I’d only be able to start players I’m going against in my season-long leagues.

On to Week 9! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Tom Brady (WAS@NE) – $9,500

I like Brady in potential blowout games since, as I’ve said before, the Patriots have no problem running up the score. He has a high price, but I think he’ll be worth it.

Also considered: Derek Carr ($7,000), Kirk Cousins ($6,600)

RB – Mark Ingram (TEN@NO) – $7,700

I think there’s a decent chance the Saints will be protecting a lead in this one. Ingram’s value also goes up since Khiry Robinson is no longer around to vulture his touchdowns.

RB – DeAngelo Williams (OAK@PIT) – $6,500

Williams should pick up where Bell left off, and he’ll be at a discount for a few weeks. I’m happy to exploit that, though I’m sure many other players will as well.

Also considered – Todd Gurley ($9,000), Devonta Freeman ($8,900), Darren McFadden ($6,500), Jeremy Langford ($6,400)

WR – Antonio Brown (OAK@PIT) – $8,700

I think this is a high scoring game. Roethlisberger is a week healthier and should do better against Oakland’s poor secondary.

WR – “Mediocre” Michael Crabtree (OAK@PIT) – $5,800

As I said, I think this will be a track meet. I didn’t have the money for Amari Cooper, so I settled on Crabtree.

WR – Steve Johnson (CHI@SD) – $5,400

He’s San Diego’s top option now that Keenan Allen is gone. He should get plenty of targets.

Also considered: Alshon Jeffery ($7,900), Amari Cooper ($7,300), Brandon LaFell ($5,200)

TE – Antonio Gates (CHI@SD) – $6,000

Gates was already getting a ton of looks before the aforementioned Allen injury. He was considerably cheaper than Gronk, so I went with him.

Also considered: Rob Gronkowski ($8,500), Heath Miller ($5,800), Delanie Walker ($5,500)

K – Brandon McManus (DEN@IND) – $5,000

Peyton Manning’s red zone futility has been great for his kicker.

Also considered: Stephen Gostkowski ($5,200)

D – Denver Broncos (DEN@IND) – $5,300

If Andrew Luck continues his run of poor play, this could get out of hand.

Also considered: Atlanta Falcons ($4,900), New York Jets ($4,700), New Orleans Saints ($4,200)


TOTAL – $59,900


FanDueling Week 8: First Contact

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Before we move on to the Week 8 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 7:

fanduel 8

Whoops. I picked my team earlier today, then totally forgot to do this write-up. My bad. I’ll keep this brief.

Last week was a close victory. I scored 143.30 and the last winning position was 140.90. I had to enter a smaller contest than I would’ve liked, hence the higher overall scores than usual. I had a problem in that my two highest scorers (Todd Gurley and the Rams defense) were also owned by a number of my opponents. Thankfully, Carson Palmer and Michael Floyd came through for me on Monday night.

On to Week 8! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Philip Rivers (SD@BAL) – $8,500

Much like last week, I’m a fan of the quarterback facing the Ravens.

Also considered:  None

RB – Todd Gurley (SF@STL) – $8,100

This might be the last week we get Gurley at a discount. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

RB – Justin Forsett (SD@BAL) – $6,900

Just as the Ravens have a horrendous pass defense, the Chargers have a horrendous rush defense. I was surprised Forsett was this cheap.

Also considered – Le’Veon Bell ($8,900), Doug Martin ($7,500), Darren McFadden ($6,400), Danny Woodhead ($6,100)

WR – Julio Jones (TB@ATL) – $9,200

I’m hoping this is the week Julio gets back on track. The Falcons should be better now that they’re back in the Georgia Dome.

WR – Martavis Bryant (CIN@PIT) – $7,200

This is more of a value play than a matchup play. Bryant has been good without Roethlisberger, so he should have a high ceiling now that Roethlisberger is back.

WR – Michael Floyd (ARI@CLE) – $4,900

Floyd was the top receiver in this price range. He’s been getting a ton of looks in the red zone.

Also considered: Donte Moncrief ($6,400), Marvin Jones ($5,400), Nate Washington ($5,400)

TE – Ladarius Green (SD@BAL) – $5,300

I was under the impression that Antonio Gates wouldn’t play. When I saw Gates was active, I couldn’t find a tight end I liked in this price range. I’m pretty much hoping for a touchdown here.

Also considered: None

K – Matt Bryant (TB@ATL) – $4,800

As I said, I’m hoping the Falcons get back to scoring points now that they’re back in Atlanta.

Also considered: None

D – St. Louis Rams (SF@STL) – $5,100

This was really the only choice. Facing Colin Kaepernick at home without Carlos Hyde? Oh yes, I’ll take some of that.

Also considered: None


TOTAL – $60,000

FanDueling Week 7: The Voyage Home

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Before we move on to the Week 6 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 6:


I finally reclaimed the sweet taste of victory with a score of 122.18. This was the closest win I’ve ever had, as the cutoff score was 121.58.

DeAndre Hopkins was my saving grace. Bless him. Brady did pretty well, though I expected a few more FU points. Foster, Decker, and Gates were all serviceable. I was glad to see Decker get in the end zone again.

Eddie Lacy was clearly the bust of the week. I thought he was a great value, but he only got four carries. For a guy who wasn’t on the injury report, he sure does seem hurt. The Jets also didn’t feast on Kirk Cousins as much as I had hoped. Oh well. I’m just glad to end that horrid losing streak.

On to Week 7! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Carson Palmer (BAL@ARI) – $8,200

I’ll be surprised if the Cardinals don’t score 35 or more in this one. John Brown’s double hamstring injury gives me pause, but I can’t pass up Palmer when the Cardinals have so consistently dominated poor teams like Baltimore.

Also considered:  Andrew Luck ($8,900), Philip Rivers ($8,000), Zach Mettenberger ($5,900)

RB – Devonta Freeman (ATL@TEN) – $8,700

Freeman has been a frequent visitor to the “also considered” section and finally makes the team this week. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a believer, but I can’t ignore him anymore. This will surely be the week he crashes back to Earth.

RB – Todd Gurley (CLE@STL) – $7,400

I thought this price was a typo. I won’t be surprised if he’s owned by 70% of the teams in the league. But with his talent against the Browns defense, I’d rather be with him than against him.

Also considered – Le’Veon Bell ($8,900), Chris Ivory ($7,800), Frank Gore ($7,100), Danny Woodhead ($6,000)

WR – DeAndre Hopkins (HOU@MIA) – $9,200

Hopkins is the top receiver in fantasy so far. I’m starting him until someone slows him or his salary gets out of hand.

WR – Donte Moncrief (NO@IND) – $6,500

For the first time this season, the Colts offense will be at full strength against a poor defense. Moncrief is arguably the top receiving option in Indy, but his price hasn’t caught up to his production yet. I like him against a banged up Saints secondary that wasn’t very good to begin with.

WR – Michael Floyd (BAL@ARI) – $4,900

Floyd was the cheapest of the top three Cardinal receivers. I absolutely would have worked John Brown in were it not for his aforementioned hamstrings. Floyd is a nice consolation prize.

Also considered: Larry Fitzgerald ($7,800), Martavis Bryant ($6,900), John Brown ($6,700), Nate Washington ($4,900)

TE – Delanie Walker (ATL@TEN) – $5,500

I don’t have a particularly great reason for this pick. I had $5,500 left over after picking the rest of my team, and Walker was the best tight end available. I’m comfortable with him, as he’s typically a high-floor guy.

Also considered: Gary Barnidge ($5,900), Ladarius Green ($5,100)

K – Stephen Gostkowski (NYJ@NE) – $5,100

Gostkowski is a luxury I could afford this week. Facing a tough defense could lead to more field goal opportunities for him.

Also considered: Chandler Catanzaro ($4,900)

D – St. Louis Rams (CLE@STL) – $4,500

I don’t feel great about this, as I do mostly like the Browns offense. The price was great, though, and the chances for sacks and occasional poor Josh McCown decisions made the Rams my pick this week.

Also considered: New York Giants ($4,500), Washington Redskins ($4,400)


TOTAL – $60,000