FanDueling Week 10: The Undiscovered Country

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Before we move on to the Week 10 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 9:

fanduel 10

I’ve got another winning streak going, which was pretty much set after the early games. Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams were two of the top scorers of the week, and Mediocre Crabtree was a nice surprise. Tom Brady was a bit of a disappointment, but that didn’t end up mattering. I scored 164.56, and the last winning position was 142.62. I placed 7,996th out of 52,272.

On to Week 10! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Kirk Cousins (NO@WAS) – $6,500

I’m not a huge Cousins fan, but I’ll happily play such a small price for the quarterback facing the Saints at home.

Also considered: None

RB – DeAngelo Williams (CLE@PIT) – $7,600

DeAngelo was a monster last week, and now he gets Cleveland’s awful run defense. He may get even more looks with Roethlisberger out.

RB – Mark Ingram (NO@WAS) – $7,500

Washington’s run defense started strong, but has been awful lately. Ingram should get plenty of opportunities to make an impact.

Also considered – Todd Gurley ($9,200) Darren McFadden ($7,000), James Starks ($6,000)

WR – Dez Bryant (DAL@TB) – $8,100

I don’t love this call, but Dez was the best player I could get at this price. Hopefully, his natural talent will win out.

WR – Allen Robinson (JAX@BAL) – $7,500

Baltimore’s pass defense has been getting torched. Robinson is a great value here.

WR – Chris Givens (JAX@BAL) – $4,500

Jacksonville’s defense isn’t so great either. I don’t trust Flacco, but Givens is super cheap and could catch a deep pass or two.

Also considered: Mike Evans ($7,700), Jarvis Landry ($7,000), Michael Crabtree ($6,400)

TE – Rob Gronkowski (NE@NYG) – $8,000

Gronk’s price fell quite a bit after last week, and I think he’ll get used more this week. His best games have come against New England’s best competition.

Also considered: Jordan Reed ($5,800)

K – Stephen Gostkowski (NE@NYG) – $5,100

When no one else stands out, just go with Gostkowski.

Also considered: None

D – Denver Broncos (KC@DEN) – $5,200

Denver disappointed last week, but now they’ve got the weak Kansas City offense at home. They should have a better showing this week.

Also considered: Green Bay Packers ($4,900), Carolina Panthers ($4,700)


TOTAL – $60,000


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