Who Got NeXT: Breeze and Itami Steal The Show


Before I start this week’s edition of Who Got NeXT, I’d like to send congratulations to the Lucha Dragons and Adrian Neville for being called up to the main roster. The WWE Universe already knew who they were and chanted for them on Raw. That not only shows how much impact NXT is truly making on everyone already, but also how beneficial the network has been to the product.

What’s up NXT Universe! Welcome to yet another installment of Who Got NeXT, and what better way to start out the month of April than with some developmental wrestling?

Wednesday’s show kicked off with a bang, as Sami Zayn made his return to Full Sail University for the first time since losing to Kevin Owens at Takeover a month and a half ago. He cut a promo about how he formed a plan while he was away.

Zayn’s plan included two things: invoking his rematch clause to regain the NXT Championship and kicking Kevin Owens’ @$$.

But there’s another superstar gunning for the NXT Champion, and you might be surprised to find out that it is none other than Rhyno.

You read that correctly. The ECW original man-beast master of the gore wants a shot at Kevin Owens, and he cut a promo about it after squashing a no-namer.

Later in the show, he interrupted Devin Taylor’s interview with Zayn, and the two stared each other down. Rhyno said that the line for a shot at the NXT title starts behind him, something Zayn didn’t seem to care too much for. One has to think that Finn Bálor isn’t through with Owens yet. Heck, even Solomon Crowe said that his mission was to get the title in a commercial vignette. The main event picture is crowded to say the least.

Despite having a target on his back, Kevin Owens seems pretty confident that nobody is taking his title from him or his family. For the record, I’m inclined to believe him.

We then were treated to a match between Bayley and Emma, who has shown signs of a heel turn as of late. The once bubble-obsessed diva has been trying to tell Bayley that playing to the crowd will get her nowhere because it’s done nothing for her.

The match was decent, but the most intriguing part was how weird Emma acted. She still came out dancing as usual, but she was just going through the motions. Bayley beat her with a roll up in the end and Emma appeared like she was angry, but she didn’t do anything. They’re going the slow burn route with her, and I think it’s a good change in direction for her.

Speaking of a change in direction for the women’s division, Becky Lynch delivered a beautiful promo in an interview backstage about the NXT Women’s Championship. She talked about how everyone else has had a shot at the title one-on-one and she hasn’t had one yet. It appears her ties with Sasha Banks are firmly broken.

Lynch is right, she does deserve a championship match. I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Next up was a tag team match between the Lucha Dragons and the NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy. Overall it was a decent match with some okay spots, but it was nothing spectacular. In my opinion, this was simply a farewell to the luchador tag team as they venture off to the main roster for good.

After the commercial break, former tag team partners Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan squared off against each other for the first time since splitting about a month ago. Jordan came out to new theme music (quite generic actually) sporting an impressive new physique on his way to the ring. He came out and basically dominated Dillinger off the bat, and finished him with an unorthodox-looking suplex for the three count.

Knowing these two wrestlers’ true in-ring ability, this match was solid; but it left a lot to be desired. This feud is just getting started, and it could be one of the more entertaining lower card storylines in the coming weeks.

Main Event:

Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami have been going at it ever since NXT Takeover:Rival, and the feud seemingly came to an end on Wednesday night. Say what you want about the characters, like or dislike them, but these two have an amazing chemistry in the ring together; and it only keeps getting better the more they work together.

The first fall came fairly quickly with Hideo Itami getting to a fast start against Prince Pretty. He got Breeze in to the turnbuckle, did his signature corner dropkick and set him up for the one-footed running kick.

The second fall came even quicker. With Breeze recovering in the corner, Itami let his guard down. As the referee checked on him, Itami looked the other way and got knocked out by a beauty shot out of nowhere that tied the match at one fall apiece.

From then on it was a masterful match that is too difficult to describe because of the amount of counters and false finishes. The finish even had me surprised, as Itami went to set up for his running kick finisher but was countered by Breeze into a running beauty shot that finished Itami for the 1-2-3.

Tyler Breeze is climbing back up the ladder to get to the main event slowly but surely, and Itami can’t be too far behind him.

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